1 Piece Cooktop Installation

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Installation Service We Provide:

  • Haul Aways- We haul away any unwanted appliances at no cost
  • Professional Installation -Installation with our very well trained team, we make sure we meet all safety regulations when installing each an every appliance at your home.
  • Refrigerator Installation Process-Our Royal team also makes sure to carefully dissemble any refrigerators doors or handles to properly fit the refrigerator in your home with out any damages to the appliance or your home.

(For Example- A standard home door measures apx. 33"w, & standard size refrigerators measure 35" to 36"w)


Installation Fees Also Include All NEW:

  • Dishwasher Kits
  • Washer Hoses Kits
  • Gas Line Kits
  • 22v Cords For Stoves, Electric Dryers
  • Refrigerator Water Line 8ft.
  • Vent Lines